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Who Said Driving A School Bus Is Boring?

Does innocent-looking but horny teens turn you on? Well, definitely those petite sluts really give me a hard on! In this episode, this horny teen just can’t help herself from grabbing some guys cock. And she talks dirty too that really made me horny watching this hot videos! Go on and watch the full movie here

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This teen bitch can’t help herself when she sees a guy with a bulge under his pants. Now it’s their school bus driver whom she has candy eyes on. She went to the school garage after school hours were over and she just pulled his pants down and grabbed his cock out! Then she sucks him like a little girl hungry for a Popsicle! He got so hard so he bent her over and fucks her with his hard prick which perfectly fitted her tight cunt! She was dirty talking while he fucks her and that made him so horny seeing how slutty and horny this schoolgirl can be. He was fucking her in every position without her complaining. Then she rode him like a mad cowgirl and pump him while she screams. Watch what this slutty schoolgirl did when the bus driver came and how she lick every drop of his creamy cum with her sweet tongue.

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This Naughty Schoolgirl Really Deserves A High Grade!

We at are constantly looking for new videos that will spark our visitors’ imagination or just to make you guys jerking in your respective rooms or offices perhaps. In this episode, a schoolgirl is having a big problem with her grades. But she’s that smart that she found a solution! Read and watch guys, enjoy!

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This blonde teen schoolgirl really needs to get a high grade so what better action does she need to take? There’s no other way but to suck her teacher’s huge cock! That surely will get her a very high grade. So when class was over, she was left alone in the room with her muscled teacher,with her teacher not having a clue to what she would do. Then she just grabbed his cock and started stroking it with his pants on. And this teacher is just human, and what should be his reaction when a pretty schoolgirl is holding his cock? He pulled out his now throbbing cock out of his pants and this schoolgirl slut started to suck him like crazy. Making him moan and wild in so much ecstacy. Then he lay her on top of his table and opened her legs wide apart so he can enter her tight pussy easily. Then he fucked her gently at first and it went wild and fast eventually. Making this teen slut scream when he thrust her because he got this huge cock that hardly fits her tight twat! He joined her on the table and fuck her hard again. See the full length video and discover how high this slut’s grades were because she swallowed her teacher’s creamy cum!

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Three Cocks In A Race!

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Porntube presents "Three Cocks In A Race!" Part 1

Watch this teen in this hardcore foursome fucking with all her holes got wet and fucked hard! It is like being on a race, see who will cum first as this slutty schoolgirl suck these boys’ cock as well as the referee’s cock! See her holes getting lubed and inserted with huge pricks that makes her go wild as they fuck her in her cunt, ass and even on her mouth! Three cocks busy fucking this schoolgirl slut, making her moan and scream as they thrust each cock in every hole! And know how high this slut scored after they came in all her holes and after she caught every drop of the referee’s cum and swallowed it.

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Part 2

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Part 3

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Part 4

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School Bus Driver’s Cock Deep In Teen Schoolgirl’s Pussy

School Bus Driver's Cock Deep In Teen Schoolgirl's Pussy image

Porntube presents "School Bus Driver’s Cock Deep In Teen Schoolgirl’s Pussy" Part 1

Check out hardcore fucking inside a bus as this slutty teen sucks the school bus driver’s cock after all the other kids got off the bus! He has this muscled body and a huge long cock which makes this teen horny every time he picks her up from home. When she got the chance, she did not waste any time. He parked in a vacant slot inside the school and this horny teen just went inside the bus and grabbed his dick! The bus driver was so shocked but got a hard on instantly. This teen in pigtails hungrily suck on his cock making him swell and throb achingly while his fingers are busy poking her tight pussy. Then she bent over and he eagerly inserted his throbbing cock in her dripping cunt, making her scream as his long and huge cock slides in her tight hole. He fucked her so hard she screams and moans wildly in every thrust! And he lied on the seats as she sat on him making her do the moves. She pump her tight pussy hard burying his swollen cock deeply inside of her. Watch her as she gets creampied when he blew his creamy cum into her cunt and onto her face!

School Bus Driver's Cock Deep In Teen Schoolgirl's Pussy sample image

Part 2

School Bus Driver's Cock Deep In Teen Schoolgirl's Pussy free Trailer 1

Part 3

School Bus Driver's Cock Deep In Teen Schoolgirl's Pussy Free Trailer 2

Part 4

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